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Spinal Disc Injury Treatment in Auckland CBD

Spine modelYour spine is made up of bones called vertebrae, which are separated by rubbery material called spinal discs that act as cushioning. These discs are made up of circular fibres that can sometimes weaken and bulge. If they press against the spinal cord or nerves, they can cause pain, numbness, or tingling.

You may not know whether you have a disc injury—but you’ll know if you’re experiencing debilitating pain. Our thorough care focuses on restoring movement to your body’s structure so that you’re set up for better wellness.

By relieving symptoms at the root, we help you feel and function well so you can embrace your passions again.

Putting an End to Pressure and Pain

At City Chiropractic, we address disc injuries naturally, without medications or surgery. Consistent adjustments take pressure off the muscles and nerves surrounding the discs, allowing them to reabsorb healthy fluids and increase in height.

Healthy discs provide the right spacing between the vertebrae. This reduces friction and stress in the surrounding nerves and tissues. Our goal is to restore every disc to maximum function, helping your whole body heal as the nerves start working properly again.

How We May Help

During your first appointment, Dr Laurie (Chiropractor) will perform tests to identify any functional or structural issues causing nerve interference. We’ll look for subluxations, or spinal disruptions. We will also take a series of X-rays to check the integrity of your spine.

After that, we’ll start a program of customised adjustments to stabilise and secure the spine. Healing takes time. You’ll need multiple sessions so your body can adapt to a healthier posture and maintain proper motion and alignment, long term.

Once your body is in a state of ease, your symptoms should clear up naturally. We want to help you achieve a lasting foundation of health so you can stay active instead of cycling through pain.

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Our natural care has helped countless patients improve their quality of life. Reach out today so we can start finding a better solution together.


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