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About Us

We want to show you what optimum health looks like and how you can reach it!

Helping You Reach Optimal Health

Since 2000, Dr. Nick Laurie (Chiropractor) is proud to be a leader at City Chiropractic in Central City.

With the ocean just kilometres away and a variety of things to do, he’s eager to help everyone make the most of the beautiful community.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to serve and educate the people of New Zealand to help them reach optimum health. Our hope is that we can show you how your body is self-healing through your nervous system and that chiropractic care helps foster a properly functioning nervous system.

“The most fulfilling aspect of being a chiropractor is seeing changes in people’s health and being able to inspire,” explains Dr. Laurie.

A Foundation of Education

We take pride in offering the most complete chiropractic wellness care we can. We’ll do all that we can to help you get incredible results by always keeping you informed on what we can do, and you can do to heal thoroughly and stay well. In fact, our patients are delighted by our willingness to volunteer information and explain every procedure in advance.

The Value of Great Health

Over the years, Dr. Laurie’s understanding and philosophy of chiropractic care has evolved. With the help of a very special chiropractic assistant’s advice and years of service, he’s now able to help more of the community. “The more people that visit us means we see more miracles each day. Over many years we’ve changed thousands of people’s lives. Whether in a major way or small way, we’ve made a difference.”

Dr. Laurie still remembers one special patient who visited his practice. One day, a lady who was living on the streets came asking if she could get her spine checked as she was concerned about her health. She didn’t have proper clothes, was missing teeth and wasn’t able to maintain proper hygiene. After learning an examination would cost her $180, the next day she came in with exactly $180! “It showed me how much people value their health and not to judge a book by its cover.”

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