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Back Pain Treatment in Auckland CBD

man with back painBack pain can range from a minor annoyance to major, debilitating pain that keeps you from your daily activities. It’s all too common to feel stuck and out of options. Many people eventually turn to medications, injections, or even surgery they may have been able to avoid.

At City Chiropractic, we provide natural healthcare, diagnosing and responding to the root cause of discomfort to help you achieve a better quality of life. We’ll help you work through what’s wrong, personalising care to your needs so you can feel your best again.

Working With Your Body to Catch the Issue

Pain occurs as a signal in the brain that something is wrong with your back. When your muscles, joints, and tissues suffer from dysfunction, the nearby nerves send a message to the brain to let it know there’s a problem.

Chiropractic helps by analysing the spine and correcting disturbances to reduce pressure on the nerves. As dysfunction resolves, the brain sees that your body is well again, and discomfort clears up naturally.

Responding to the Root Cause of Pain

Dr Laurie (Chiropractor) sees patients with pain in the shoulder, mid-back, and lower back. You may have discomfort in just one of those areas or all throughout your back. Most of the time, we’ll find a disruption in the spine near the affected region.

The biggest cause of pain is poor posture, especially as people spend more time hunched over technology. Misalignments can result from any of the 3 T’s:

  • Traumas – Physical forces, like bad posture, injuries, or repetitive motion can cause spinal dysfunction.
  • Toxins – Chemical overload can happen to anyone in today’s society as the products you use trigger unhealthy changes in the body.
  • Thoughts – Chronic stress is one of the biggest sources of illness and dysfunction, causing regular tension, inflammation, and imbalances.
Whatever is behind your discomfort, we’ll get to the bottom of the issue and work with you to make sure you stay healthy, both now and into the future.

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