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Meet Dr. Nick Laurie (Chiropractor)

I became a chiropractor because I genuinely want to help people.”

Born and raised in Auckland CBD, Dr. Laurie found himself in a job that didn’t feel as though he touched people’s lives. He began to inquire and learn about how chiropractic care helps people and knew it was something he wanted to do.

Chiropractor Auckland CBD, Dr. Nick LaurieThe idea of helping people reach their peak performance was very appealing to him. It wasn’t long before he sold his business and moved to the USA to become a chiropractor.

Overseas and Back

Dr. Laurie then moved his young family to South Carolina where he began the undergraduate course to gain admission into Sherman College of Chiropractic. Meanwhile the New Zealand College of Chiropractic opened and thankful to be able to bring his family back home he was able to complete his Chiropractic studies there. He graduated in 2000 and regularly attends conferences and seminars as part of his continuing education.

Dr. Laurie remembers his very first patient that he was required to examine and adjust. During the examination X-ray, a cancer was discovered that had life changing consequences for the patient concerned. This underlined the value of all of the screening procedures that are conducted during an initial Chiropractic examination. It showed Dr Laurie that there was a reason for all of the hours of study and practice and why every patient is examined in the same professional manner.

An Active Family Man

Married with four children, Dr. Laurie and his wife, Sarah, enjoy living near the magnificent East Coast Bays and spending time with their family when not at City Chiropractic. His entire family values the benefits of regular care, getting adjusted at least once a week. “I firmly believe in a natural approach to health care. I am walking proof that it works as I haven’t had a day off work due to illness in 12 years!”

Dr. Laurie is currently a member of the national champion Mairangi Bay surf boat crew. Dr. Laurie has a passion for running that has led to running 20 marathons. As a life coach, Sarah has columns in three magazines and is grateful for her experience training for the New York Marathon alongside her husband.

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