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Relieving Tension in Your Spine: Embrace the Power of Spinal Floss!

overhead-hamstring-stretch-sqAs your partner in health, we know how crucial regular appointments are for maintaining a healthy spine. Unfortunately, life can sometimes get in the way, leaving us without a visit when we might benefit from one!

During this time, our spines may face challenges they aren’t quite ready to handle, such as physical or mental stress, leading to tightness and hunching. Additionally, the prolonged use of laptops, computers, and phones in awkward positions can exacerbate these issues.

But don’t worry-we’ve got you covered. There’s a solution to help you maintain your spinal health even when you can’t make it to our practice. Enter: Spinal Floss!

These simple exercises, performed twice a day, can work wonders in relieving tension and promoting flexibility. The best part? You can even incorporate them into your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth!

1. Shoulder Rolls

Start by shrugging your shoulders towards your ears, feeling the tension build up. Then, roll your shoulders back in a circular motion, repeating this movement six times. Don’t forget to reverse the direction of the roll to ensure a balanced release of tension.

2. Chin Nods

Next, focus on your neck. Begin by gently nodding your chin towards your chest, feeling a gentle stretch in the back of your neck. Then, lift your chin towards the sky, elongating the front of your neck. Repeat this sequence six times to promote mobility and release any stiffness.

3. Chin Side-to-Side

Now, it’s time to engage your neck muscles further. Turn your head slowly from side to side, allowing your chin to reach each shoulder. This lateral movement helps to loosen up the muscles along the sides of your neck, reducing stiffness and promoting better range of motion. Repeat this exercise six times, feeling the tension melt away.

4. Ear-to-Shoulder

Continue your journey towards a more flexible spine by tilting your head to one side, bringing your ear gently towards your shoulder. Ensure you maintain a slow and controlled movement as you alternate sides, feeling a gentle stretch in the opposite side of your neck. Repeat this exercise six times on each side to address any imbalances and increase flexibility.

5. Shoulder Rolls (Repeat!)

As a final touch, treat yourself to another round of shoulder rolls. This will provide an additional release of tension and allow your shoulders to relax fully. Embrace these rolls for some extra relief and a satisfying conclusion to your spinal floss routine.

If you’re in need of a tune-up, we’re always here for you. Contact us to book an appointment when you’re ready!


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