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Meet the Chiropractors

Dr. Nick Laurie

Dr. Nick Laurie

Born and raised in Central City, Dr. Laurie found himself in a job that didn’t feel as though he touched people’s lives. He began to inquire and learn about how chiropractic care helps people and knew it was something he wanted to do.

The idea of helping people reach their peak performance was very appealing to him. It wasn’t long before he sold his business and moved to the USA to become a chiropractor.

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Dr. Marc Yip Choy

Dr. Marc Yip Choy

Dr. Marc hails from the small town of Peterborough, in Ontario Canada. He grew up extremely active, playing high level soccer as well as any sport he could fit into his day.

Marc has always had a deep passion for health and wellness with his real passion in creating a life that optimizes health and vitality. He knew that finding a profession that helped people achieve their optimal health and wellbeing was his mission.

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